5 Reasons Why I am addicted to my iPhone

Well thats a pretty silly question to ask :) almost everyone of us cant live without our iphone or ipad, they have become inseparable part of our life. We are addicted to the apps and music so much that its just not possible to live without it. iphone6One of the main reason for this addiction to apple products is the quality and innovative thinking of the apple which provides something out of the box everytime they launch something. This is making some serious market share for apple as well creating a big fan base utterly dedicated to Apple and just Apple products.

social media

Social Media like Facebook, Twitter etc. do play a significant role in connecting our daily life and nowadays all what we are doing is to share something or other. Group chats and messages are so addictive that if we dont see any notification of message on our phone in few minutes we just get restless. Many studies shows the serious implication of social media on younger generation but its just a virtual way to connect to friends and gossip therefore something which no one can resists specially women and children.

itunes music

Awesome Music Content: Yeah you heard it right either its Katy Perry or Linkin Park I want to hear them, I want to hear all what they sing and even the yesterday’s live concert in some place London. Well its just something I cant control and I know none of us can :) The way iTunes provide live streaming as well as high bit rate music and to play it on iphone or ipod is something out of world and we just cant resist that.

Games: Angry bird was one of the first one to do it :) now there are so many that we cant even think of (hay day hack is my latest addiction). We love to play alone we love to play online and still we want to play more and more by even inviting our friends for some extra game resources, I must confess I have done that to my friends.

GPS and Maps: I personally play with it a lot by adding custom maps and downloading some 3rd party maps and so on. The GPS of iphone was, is and will be best in every phone you can get in the market. Not many people will agree with me on this part of my iphone but thats the way I am.
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Well the list goes on and on for why I am in love with this tiny little gadget which do nothing but to entertain. I will sign off now and will let you know few more interesting things about my addiction to iphone.