Hi guys, I am back with new app review. This time its Hay day, its free and you can download it on App store. So this game is farm game and what you do is collect your typical farm products. In the center of game is your house, if you click on it, it will display all your achievements. You got a silo, where you can put your grains, harvested crops. There is a barn where you keep special items needed in farming. These items are than used to upgrade the farm or other farm machines like oven, or pie machines. You can upgrade barn and silo for additional storage needed at higher level of game. There is a shop where you can put your items for sale. Wheat grows fastest so its easy to run out of space with wheat. I usually harvest wheat in bulk as it give me some special items too. I put almost all the wheat for sale in shop at very cheap prices so that its sold easily and I can save some space in barn and silo for more useful items.

hay day cheats

Sometimes while upgrading the field or machines or unlocking anything you are stuck with some rare item unavailable. That’s real problematic. Sometimes you get lucky and you get it in bonus box, sometimes you can buy it from other peoples shop but its not so easy. People rarely put anything rare for sale and if they do there are lot of people surfing those shops and they buy instantly. So what to if nothing works?

Well either you wait and make it more painful for you or use the diamonds. Now diamonds are real precious items here and you get them in very limited quantity. So you are caught in a fix and most of the people just wait as diamonds are too precious to lose. I can give you a trick though, you can use these hay day cheats for unlimited diamonds and cut short the waiting time for any unlock.

Hay day is interesting game and most of the people who play get addicted to it. You will see players over the world creating beautiful farms, some are so wonderful that you almost wish them to be real. Supercell have done a good job with graphics and its pleasant to play this game. Its not like Boom beach (Boom Beach massive attack video below) or Clash of Clans (now Clash Royale) where you attack other but here you concentrate on your own field. Make it beautiful, fulfill the orders book of city and unlock beautiful trophies, machines. At a time you even get order from abroad and you ship them via port after a certain level. Clash royale is latest from Supercell in strategy and action games, so if you are addicted to it and wasting lot of time you can use our elixir generator to level up quickly.  The game gets tough as you level up and most of the time you will be waiting for one resource or other to complete the order, anyways its a great game and you must play it once. Here is a download link for it on google play store.