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It is recommended that you check your registry to identify slowdown issues. If you require f urther assistance for this file, feel free to ask about in the forums. get started Process Library HomeProcess DirectoryBlogAboutHomeProcess DirectoryBlogAboutHomeProcess DirectoryBlogAbout spcldlx.exe Click here to run a scan if you are experiencing issues with this process. All services provided under terms. weblink

Click to Run a Free Scan for SpClDlx.exe related errors Is the SpClDlx.exe process a virus, spyware or malware? rated this process as unknownVisitorAnyone have ANY info? Rate now Common location(s): Unknown Visitor comments... News Featured Latest New Stegano Exploit Kit Hides Malvertising Code in Image Pixels Visa Payment Cards Vulnerable to Brute-Forcing Backdoor Found in 80 Sony Surveillance Camera Models Kelihos Botnet Delivering Shade http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/startups/SpClDlx.exe-5067.html

All rights reserved. The URL contains a typographical error. However, running too many processes on your system may affect your PC’s performance. How to Fix/Repair Windows Files Errorsspcldlx.exe(ID:460949)-How to Fix/Repair Windows Files ErrorsFile Company: Lux Aeterna is part of Speaking Clock DeluxeFile Product: Speaking Clock DeluxeFile Version:3.52File Size:1907200 byte File MD5:7499a63173e48b8ee9da09820b8f31bbSystem: WINDOWS XP,

  1. File safety : Don't know File is safe File contains spyware or malware File security rating : 0 stars (not safe) 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars
  2. Most non-system processes that are running can be stopped because they are not involved in running your operating system.
  3. Uninstalling applications can leave invalid registry entries, accumulating over time.

Always make sure that your file is from a verified publisher. Description Speaking Clock Deluxe - turns your computer into a speaking clock with several languages. Let try the program named PC SpeedUP to see if it helps.How to remove spcldlx.exeIf you encounter difficulties with spcldlx.exe , you can uninstall the associated program (Start > Control Panel Nothing can speed up a slow PC as well as TUT can.

Is spcldlx.exe CPU intensive? If you feel that you want this program starting automatically so that you have it available as needed, then do not disable it. Is spcldlx.exe harmful? weblink This process belongs in most cases to product Speaking Clock Deluxe and is developed by Lux Aeterna is part of Speaking Clock Deluxe company.

Process related issues are usually related to problems encountered by the application that runs it. BleepingComputer.com will not be held responsible if changes you make cause a system failure. Review the browser URL. Top most intriguing searches TaskManufacturerPercent Nwiz.exe?10 % HKCMD.EXEIntel8 % Unsecapp.exeMicrosoft7 % CCC.exeATI Technologies6 % Reader_SL.exeAdobe5 % ATI2evxx.exeATI Technologies4 % iTunesHelper.exeApple4 % S24EvMon.exeIntel4 % Cli.exeATI Technologies4 % WLLoginProxy.exeMicrosoft4 % ekrn.exeESET4 % SBAMSvc.exeSunbelt

Please support this free service by giving us a Google+1 Browse files by letter A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q http://whatisprocess.com/spcldlx-exe/11044/ Disabling it or enabling it depends on whether you use Speaking Clock Deluxe or not. Application errors Fix spcldlx.exe application error: Run a FREE registry scan User comments There are no user comments yet for this file. Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL identifies programs that are currently running - not necessarily at startup.

An example would be "svchost.exe" - which doesn't appear in either under normal conditions but does via CTRL+ALT+DEL. The following information is a brief description of what is known about this file. Most likely causes: The directory or file specified does not exist on the Web server. Get it here.

Create a tracing rule to track failed requests for this HTTP status code and see which module is calling SetStatus. Therefore, before ending a task/process via CTRL+ALT+DEL just because it has an "X" recommendation, please check whether it's in MSCONFIG or the registry first. If you would like a replacement for your Windows Task Manager that provides all the information contained in this website at your fingertips, check out The Ultimate Troubleshooter. Detailed Error Information: ModuleIIS Web Core NotificationMapRequestHandler HandlerASPClassic Error Code0x80070002 Requested URLhttp://njfc.se:80/ju.asp?260352 Physical Path\\atm.binero.net\crystone\content\02\2003902\njfc.se\public_html\ju.asp Logon MethodAnonymous Logon UserAnonymous More Information: This error means that the file or directory does not exist

Website protected worldwide by official registration. This process is considered safe. This is NOT a list of tasks/processes taken from Task Manager or the Close Program window (CTRL+ALT+DEL) but a list of startup applications, although you will find some of them listed

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All rights reserved. Run a free scan to find out how to optimize software and system performance. Most popular files: svchost.exe iexplore.exe csrss.exe rundll32.exe lsass.exe alg.exe wuauclt.exe ccapp.exe explorer.exe ctfmon.exe spoolsv.exe services.exe smss.exe jusched.exe winlogon.exe mdm.exe rthdcpl.exe hkcmd.exe msascui.exe alcxmntr.exe Copyright © 2008 - 2016 All rights reserved Nothing can speed up a slow PC as well as TUT can.

Things you can try: Create the content on the Web server. spcldlx.exe Click here to run a scan if you are experiencing issues with this process. N/A Non-system processes like spcldlx.exe originate from software you installed on your system. For more information about creating a tracing rule for failed requests, click here.

If in doubt, don't do anything. Users Opinions

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Other FirstPrevious To stop spcldlx.exe permanently uninstall 'Unknown' from your system. User ratings for this file File rating: Average rating of spcldlx.exe: by 7 files and users.

It's probably your file has been infected with a virus. Please add your comments if you have more information about this file or if you know how to solve spcldlx.exe application errors. It can keep track of up to 50 alarms that can be set to a time and a date, and be repeated daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Recommendation: The SpClDlx.exe process is not an essential file to the computer system performance.

Vote: Unknown Safe Normal Dangerous Message: (Messages are NOT required to vote) To help us fight spam, please answer the following question: What is four + 4? Since most applications store data in your system's registry, it is likely that over time your registry suffers fragmentation and accumulates invalid entries which can affect your PC's performance. SpClDlx.exe Recommendation : SpClDlx.exe is explained in full in The Ultimate Troubleshooter. spcldlx.exe is used by 'Unknown'.This is an application created by 'Unknown'.

It is unlikely to pose any harm to your system. This will also enable you to access any of your files, at any time, on any device. Create the file or directory and try the request again. To reduce system overload, you can use the Microsoft System Configuration Utility to manually find and disable processes that launch upon start-up.

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