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Everything is fine now. BluHog This file was running 90-99% CPU, and found it was because I had jobs waiting in an PDF print queue zippy It was in fact a job in the queue i odnt have any printers installed net stop spooler jonas This is a windows file xpert it is taking up all my cpu and i have a good comp Bob This I deleted it and no more spooler hogging my resourses......

I wonder if there is something I can do to the Adobe software to fix this?On a fresh boot do you see spoolsv.exe taking up high CPU and memory the way so dam slow! My solution was that there was a print job in the que. How to recognize suspicious variants? Clicking Here

Groove Printer spooler NORIK This has no effect on you pc it you are running a good pc. ben Careful...This one is a worm...quite typicaly found in your computer...if it is delete immediatly... This piece of malware can be responsible for 100% CPU usage and for a whole load of other errors that you may be experiencing. tom I deleted all Image writer print jobs and still had this problem.

  • I checked Task Manager and found spoolsv.exe using over 90% cpu usage.
  • larryw Bottom line this could be a harmless Windows file or it could be a worm/trojan.
  • This file is used for windows print jobs.
  • Lorin Its easy to fix the problem of using the CPU for 100%; just delete the print jobs you have in the printer list and you will see that the CPU
  • when i booted to normal the file didn't appear anymore.
  • Scan for any driver updates for new equipment.
  • but I can see the printer and print from.
  • david Windows Print Spooler, consumes all CPU %.
  • If it reappears, try updating your printer's driver.
  • This file is responsible for how Microsoft Windows handles print and fax jobs on your computer.

My computer was running so slow. Make sure you have the latest printer drivers for your printer. From the services menu scroll down to Print Spooler and then right-click or double-click it to open its Properties. Jo It was not a virus in my case, print jobs waiting.

Select 'Stop'. the only thing is that, when I close the process (I close all unuseful processes on startup, because I have many), I can't restart it... rimmer59 Look, my system was very slow and I did not set up anything to print. http://www.exe-error-fixes.com/deal-high-cpu-usage-spoolsvexe-problem/ From all the comments i have read it seems i have had a virus type.

And i cant find any print jobs undone. Once I had cleared the viruses out of my system(MSN introduced) my system ran normally. I wonder if whatever is jamming up the process waits for it to start before submitting? simply go to the properties of the printer and turn off spooling and have the documents sent directly to the printer.

A/V software did not detect any trojan attached to the file. more info here Always remember to perform periodic backups, or at least to set restore points. It's the Windows print spooler. MuyGordo A valid Win file, which can always be a duped.

delete all files in folder C:\WINDOWS\System32\Spool\Printers such as '000x0.SHD or 000x0.SPL'. 4. Ben If it's so innocent, why would a print spooler need to acces the internet, for crying out loud?! Syamal Could be one of 4 Trojans/viruses/worms - Backdoor.Ciadoor.B or VBS.Masscal.Worm or Hacktool.Privshell or Graybird.A. Carlsen manage the printers on local pc/network nut if i dont't use a printer..

I just cancel the job and it was fixed "no more spoolvs.exe running at 100% cpu" thien asking zonelabs it says that spoolsv is required so that outlook can access the Maximus To avoid the large cpu usage of the spoolv file.. It works fine now KS it can be a virus. the best way to terminate is to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete then click the Processes button and click on "Spoolsv .exe" click "end process" will make you computer run

You can also Stop the service now with the Stop button if you want to get rid of it now rather than waiting for your next reboot. Pretty much a valid file. It is programmed to restart 3 times.

Sally June 12, 2014 at 3:55 am # Wow, thank you for your clear explanation.

just restart spool service Nelis A file named spoolsv.exe can be used by a hacker to access your personal information on a pc and create a cmdshell with elevated privileges, allowing But there it was. I so often don't understand what people have posted as I'm not very computer savvy, but your answer helped me quickly and was easy to understand. Up to 80%.

My PC has a new lease of life ! Van If the spoolsv.exe seems to be causing problems on your computer, you simply have a slow computer. Next, go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services, and restart the service. screw it.

Found this site and checked and lo and behold I had 3 print jobs in the que. The file size is 61,440bytes (50% of all occurrences), 47,616bytes, 376,832bytes or 145,920bytes. Sylvester Windows system file for printing Lorenc Solution for XP users with High CPU Usage in Spoolsv.exe kenny It is a windows file. thanks for everyones help.

A listing of printer drivers can be found through our printer drivers page. I delete 4 unused printers driver and now it's not giving my any probleem at all. Keep in mind that if the spoolsv.exe file is showing up in %systemroot%\$NTUNINSTALL type locations, that if a trojan or virus has infected you, it could have imbedded itself in the Its safe aslong as its in the right folder.

Thought it was a virus or something. Turn off the printer 3. Sorry, got any other suggestions? im still trying to find a way of destroying it, since all antivirus i tried dont detect it as a virus Dunno what it is but all my prog working on