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Sony Xplod Car Stereo No Sound


doing it any other way screams "fire fire fire" *beavis voice*. There should be an option to turn this off.nit: It would be nice to have a dedicated "play/pause" button.nit: You need to really study the manual to get full value from Thursday, March 08, 2007 Sony Car FM/CD Head Unit: iPod/Audio-In/USB Car FM/CD Stereo: a review The stock cassette/CD player ("heat unit") in our 10 yo Subaru wagon hiccuped the other day. Also, according to the owners manual the Offset voltage LED will appear amber when the voltage going out to the speaker terminal or the pin jack is too high. his comment is here

ideas ? It looks like you're new here. of the stuff. I too would love to know what the heck is sony doing placiing incandescent light bulbs in their amplfiers. navigate to these guys

Sony Xplod Car Stereo No Sound

hotrod351 is offline Quote Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links AVS Forum Advertisement Reply Car Audio, Video, and Nav AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews > Other Areas of Got it, continue to print 2012-2016 ManualsLib.com About Us About ManualsLib Privacy Policy F.A.Q. I also now have 4 mixed AAC and MP3 CDs with music and podcasts arranged in folders -- for children, me, etc. Fixed the seal, dried out the unit, no further problems.

  1. My original conclusions stand up well.
  2. anyof this crap shows up then you're dealing with a "real" problem as opposed to the amp falsely going into protect. 0 sirogenous Posts: 57 August 2003 edited August 2003 hmmm,
  4. While it may work for you and others, the Sony gear is not up to par with some of the stuff that is in it's performance catergory and it outprices everything
  5. To aid in that, head units were grounded outside of the car's electrical harness.

Digital Hi-End Projectors - $3,000+ USD MSRP Rear Projection Units OLED Technology and Flat Panels General OLED Technology Great Found Deals! if so - may they possibly do repair still? I even went as far as to make sure the amp itself is not grounded thru it's mount also as you had mentioned. Sony Xplod Reset Button All Replies Posted by TigerHeli on Tue, Jul 20 2010 5:06 PM What model headunit?

Anyways, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. But it apparently plays without a problem until the amp cuts out. OH IF WOULD HELP WHEN IT SHOWS THE OFFSET THE SUBWOOFER ONLY WORKS BUT ALL 4 SPEAKERS DONT. http://community.crutchfield.com/car_audio_and_video/f/27/receivers/t/19344/sony-offset-error AAC is just fine.

Grrr. My Car Radio Turns On But No Sound Comes Out MP3/WMA playback: MP3/WMA/AAC and ATRAC3Plus on USB mass storage, CD/CD-R and CD-RW. If you study the manual and use Playlists I think you can make the SONY UI work tolerably well - except for podcasts (see below).the preprogrammed equalizer modes are sillysupport is Not knowing your complete install, how things are mounted and where they are mounted makes it difficult to pinpoint.

Sony Car Stereo No Sound

however, more than likely, something inside your amplifier, or inside your headunit is really out of kilter and acting up. http://www.carstereo.com/forum/showthread.cfm?tid=62529 Thank You. 0 Jstas Posts: 13,355 August 2003 edited August 2003 Just trying to be helpful. Sony Xplod Car Stereo No Sound Sony's manual is vague about the error and I think you may want to approach this as a "shorted speaker" problem. Sony Xplod No Sound the connections on your rca cables are bad?

Fixed the seal, dried out the unit, no further problems. http://wipidigital.com/no-sound/galaxy-s4-no-sound.html P.W.D., Your explaination into the properties of "Offset voltage" and it's implications in regards to my situation is greatly appreciated. Preset tuning is not possible. • Store the correct frequency in the memory. • The broadcast signal is too weak. anything. My Radio Has Power But No Sound

The only thing that really concerns me about turning off the protection circuitry is that the Offset protection circuitry is to protect the speakers when it detects to much DC current Cheers 0 PoweredByDodge Posts: 4,183 August 2003 edited August 2003 hmm - actually you've been quite helpful - i had always though that mounting a fan INSIDE an amp blowing out You can also try these shortcuts to the install manual and the owner's manual.I could detach the face plate easily, but I had a very hard time restoring it. http://wipidigital.com/no-sound/gta-5-pc-no-sound-fix.html im no using the internal amps but three external amps.

and then expected help after slinging the first insult. Sony Xplod 52wx4 Buttons Not Working im no using the internal amps but three external amps. NOTES: If a modulator is installed, the system installer should be contacted for assistance in locating the modulator.

low battery voltage... 0 sirogenous Posts: 57 August 2003 edited August 2003 Thanks for the input.

Probably best when traveling, switch to FM 3 for example. High temps and cheap components and/or damaged diodes seem a very possible cause of my Offset problem. i realize why they use hex nuts not instead of like phillips screws... Car Stereo Troubleshooting P.S.

sounddomain tends to have **** mega cheap -- hifonics stuff has a ton of instant rebates right now (up to 175 off on some amps) and they're good product. 0 «12» The music in question is Metallica's Garage days rerevisited 87' Stone cold crazy. I've seen entire automotive electrical systems get eaten up by corrosion driven by a battery trying to push power down a wire with a steadily decreasing cross-sectional area due to corrosion. check over here I didn't get the install tool or directions back, you may wish to ask for these.

Another thing to check is the fuses. Nobody attacked you or your Sony stuff until you opened your mouth with this statement: ...I can only hope the people who use this forum don't have their heads quite that As I mentioned before the power supply would remain protected. (at least I'm fairly certain. I interviewed at Sony Music right here in Pitman, NJ for a co-op job.

i dont know what the hell a LIGHTBULB is doing in an amplifier circuit board ... If the error indication remains on in the display, consult your nearest Sony dealer. If so, you may have a bad transformer in the amp. even if i disconect the speaker it says the same thing "offset" Report this post to a moderator 04-20-2011 08:14 PM SINTORMAN Member Does this happen in all modes,, cd,

There is not a single wire anywhere inside the amp. I have checked all ground and power connections as well as every speaker wire connection. It won't show at ll in most cases and it can be hard to tell what went wrong. Car Stereo Message Forums > > Sony Xplod Deck "OFFSET" Problem Go Back Pages (1): [1] Author Thread crank18 New Member Sony Xplod Deck "OFFSET" Problem Hey, Ive got

Water and corrosion inside a power line can end up causing a small battery to form which will change the characteristics of the power soure. It was so irritating I began to fantasize about hacking the ROM. Bring to dealer. (Try reset?)OVERLOAD: bad USB deviceSome iTunes notes for use with this deviceYou can burn your Data CDs from iTunes, mixing MP3 and non-FairPlay AAC. maybe you have your gain too high?

Plug in the iPod via USB, then switch to the USB input, it will detect your iPod like always, now hold the MODE button for 3-4 seconds, you should regain the SONY needed to add an "acceleration" behavior.I hope SONY will resolve some of the above limitations in a future release. If I can determine the source of my problem is the amp itself and not my headunit or the battery, I may do a little bit of de-soldering and remove the the reason is not "sony sucks" or "eww sony"...

that's even ****-er.