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Ubuntu 15.04 No Sound


Reply Ags says November 8, 2013 at 6:27 pm Thx! Check that you have the proper modules installed. 5. Your first alternative even deleted my desktop-manager Cinnamon. Open a terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) and type sudo aplay -lThe output of that command should look something like this: **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices **** card 0: his comment is here

Reply Abhishek Prakash says May 7, 2013 at 8:47 am Hi Norbert, If I find a better solution, I'll update the article. worth checking out –Mailler Sep 7 at 8:00 Audio is working for all other users but not for root –nikhil mehta Sep 24 at 10:10 add a comment| 3 And there is no sound at all. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here CLOSE Home Linux distributions Linux tutorials News Frequently Asked Questions Opensource Unix Ask/unixmen Tuesday, December 6, 2016About Us

Ubuntu 15.04 No Sound

The crucial thing is to enable everything in alsamixer EXCEPT "external amplifier." (I had to turn off microphone too, to stop feedback). Is the correct sound driver installed on the computer? When mpd is playing a normal user cannot play sounds though the dmixer. Some of these are capable of outputting sound and some are not, so you should check that you have the correct one selected.

Check that Skype is using PulseAudio: Sign in to Skype. You should verify this number in your BIOS if you are not sure. Is your volume turned all the way down, or is your speaker muted? Ubuntu No Sound Hdmi I tried to make it as new-user friendly as possible and I assume that the new-user has no previous knowledge whatsoever.

See alsamixer section.Failure - You will get a message like Code: aplay: device_list:221: no soundcard found... Using skype with PearOs8 (ubuntu 13-10), seemed like system "forgot" to initialise my analog devices in Skype; strange, Clementine, xine and vlc are working just fine without need to "force"…. In the alsa-project wiki, using a - and a _ are the same thing. browse this site Why would Lubuntu supply an OS without sound?

What can i do? Ubuntu 15.10 No Sound Thanks very much for the solution ! After the remove my head phones were detected and also after a suspended session (before it was not recognized after wake up). It should be fine.

Ubuntu 14.04 No Sound

It was built in ver with my Dell 7010 desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting Reply Doc Hego says July 16, 2013 at 12:39 pm Thanks for the post. Ubuntu 15.04 No Sound Instead, copy the commands from this web page and paste them into the terminal. Ubuntu 16.04 No Sound By this I mean when the sound is say set to the middle of the volume scale, there's absolutely no sound coming out of the speakers.

If I try to change the speech-dispatcher file, the RUN flag is already set to "no". http://wipidigital.com/no-sound/gta-5-pc-no-sound-fix.html In my case, I deselected 'all' then selected 'via82xx'. You can adjust the levels there. For all intensive purposes (installing modules or posting on forums) only use the dash ' - '.General Help - Start here if you have no idea why sound is not playing Ubuntu 16.04 Sound Not Working

Damn, I have to come up with an article "10 things I hate in Ubuntu 13.04" ;) P.S. There's other software offering similar troubleshooting benefits as qmmp. Not a single sound problem. weblink I use: killall pulseaudio sudo alsa force-reload kmix and tray icon work fine.

Restart. Ubuntu No Sound Output If sound is not working in both Windows and Ubuntu, please check your motherboard's manual to see if any jumpers are badly configured or missing. Or System Rescue CD.

So the full name might be something like snd-via82xx.

If you have enabled the snd_pcm_oss, snd_mixer_oss or snd_seq_oss kernel modules previously (they are not loaded by default), try unloading them. You may need to run tail-F/var/cache/modass/alsa-source.buildlog.$(uname-r).* to see the progress. Yet when I boot to Windows and then back to Ubuntu, sound card works again. Ubuntu Sound Dummy Output Look at config files.

Do enough web research, and you hear strange stories. I'm guessing some settings got messed up with the graphics card (though I noticed in my BIOS settings that I needed to reenable the integrated audio again as well), But like Ubuntu developers need your feedback to see that your sound system is not working for you. check over here When you play a .wav file on mplayer, mplayer knows all about playing songs, handling playlists, going louder and softer or going backward or forward through the song, but it knows