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Windows Socket Error Codes


Try again later.117 Unknown error118 STOR failed. A required address was omitted from an operation on a socket. Call your system administrator. 85 ECOMM All A communication error has occurred on a Send call. Check the current use of the file. 27 EFBIG All The specified data set is too large. Check This Out

Data or condition might not be available at this time. 12 ENOMEM All There is not enough storage. Check specified IOCTL() values. 26 ETXTBSY All A text data set is busy. ENOTSOCK (128)Invalid socket descriptor. There is a fault on the FTP server. her latest blog

Windows Socket Error Codes

WSAEPROVIDERFAILEDINIT 10106 Service provider failed to initialize. Reestablish the connection between the applications. 53 ECONNABORTED All The software caused a connection abend. Use a valid socket. 45 EOPNOTSUPP Listen The socket does not support the Listen call. Correct the function address parameter. 49 EADDRNOTAVAIL Multicast APIs The specified multicast address, interface address, or interface index is not correct.

  1. EHTABLEFULL (200)The global host table is full.
  2. Check the Internet connection.122 No answer 123 Transmission failed.
  3. If more entries are needed, increase CFG_RTSIZE.
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  5. The protocol family has not been configured into the system or no implementation for it exists.
  6. WSA_QOS_ESDMODEOBJ 11029 Invalid QoS shape discard mode object.

The FTP server used is not supported or not configured properly.The connection is disrupted by a firewall. Call your system programmer. 1028 EIBMINVTCPCONNECTION All Connection terminated by TCP/IP. WSAEHOSTDOWN 10064 Host is down. Socket Error 110 Connection Timed Out This error may also result if a connection was broken due to keep-alive activity detecting a failure while one or more operations are in progress.

An error with the underlying traffic control (TC) API as the generic QoS request was converted for local enforcement by the TC API. Tcp/ip Error Codes List Check policy and add ApplicationControlled On if the application should be permitted to issue the controlled SIOCTTLSCTL functions. 14 EFAULT All An incorrect storage address or length was specified. A protocol was specified in the socket function call that does not support the semantics of the socket type requested. internet An invalid or inconsistent flowspec was found in the QoS provider-specific buffer.

You signed in with another tab or window. Socket Error 9 A request to send or receive data was disallowed because the socket is not connected and (when sending on a datagram socket using sendto) no address was supplied. Verify that z/OS Communications Server installation was successful and that message files were properly loaded. 77 EIDRM All The identifier has been removed. Check free memory space on the server.139 File could not be opened.

Tcp/ip Error Codes List

ERSCINITFAIL (140)Initialize failed. More Help Check status and contents of source database if this occurred during a file access. 6 EAI_MEMORY GETADDRINFO GETNAMEINFO The resolver cannot obtain storage to process the host name. Windows Socket Error Codes Why my home PC wallpaper updates to my office wallpaper Why do the Avengers have bad radio discipline? Tcp Ip Return Codes An incorrect number of flow descriptors was specified in the QoS structure.

Call your system administrator. 75 ENOMSG All There is no message of the desired type. his comment is here A blocking operation is currently executing. Also check that the app permissions include the permission INTERNET. Reestablish the connection to TCP/IP. 1032 EIBMCALLINPROGRESS All Another call was already in progress. Socket Error 111 Ppsspp

EFAULT (14)Invalid parameter (pointer is NULL, etc.). Call your system administrator. 90 ECONNCLOSED All The connection was closed by a peer. An invalid QoS flow descriptor was found in the flow descriptor list. this contact form The socket is closing.

ENOTCONN (126)Socket is not connected. Tcp Socket Error Bgp Correct the SOCTYPE. 10 ECHILD All There are no children. Change the type on the Socket() call when the socket was created.

RTIP-32 supports 16 TCP and 6 UDP ports.

Repair Guide To Fix (Socket Error Code 113) errors you’ll need to follow the 3 steps below: Step 1: Download (Socket Error Code 113) Fix Tool Step 2: Left click the This is not actually an error. An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket. What Is A Socket Error Issue the SOCKET call before the call that fails. 2011 EDOMAINSERVERFAILURE REXX A Domain Name Server failure occurred.

Usually this occurs when a socket descriptor to a socket that cannot support this operation is trying to accept a connection on a datagram socket. WSAStartup may fail with this error if the limit has been reached. Add a language to a polyglot How can I rotate an object based on another's offset to it? http://wipidigital.com/socket-error/linux-socket-error-codes.html For socket write/send, peer has shut down one or both directions.

Use seperate SIOCTTLSCTL ioctls to request TTLS_INIT_ CONNECTION and TTLS_STOP_ CONNECTION. 2 EAI_AGAIN FREEADDRINFO GETADDRINFO GETNAMEINFO For GETADDRINFO, NODE could not be resolved within the configured time interval. This usually results from trying to connect to a service that is inactive on the foreign host—that is, one with no server application running. This error is returned if an incorrect protocol is explicitly requested in the socket call, or if an address of the wrong family is used for a socket, for example, in noname007 commented Sep 13, 2016 👍 Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub.

Only issue the INITIALIZE call once in your program. 2005 ESUBTASKALNOTACTIVE REXX The subtask is not active. WSA_QOS_NO_RECEIVERS 11008 QoS no receivers. Ensure user ID has authority for the specified operation. 1015 EIBMBADCONNECTIONMATCH All A connection token that is not valid was detected. The output list size is limited by calling xn_interface_opt using IO_MAX_OUTPUT_QUE.

The Internet connection has been disrupted.Try again later. Issue the INITIALIZE call before any other socket call. 2006 ESOCKNETNOTALLOCATED REXX The specified socket could not be allocated. WSA_QOS_EPSFLOWSPEC 11027 Invalid QoS provider-specific flowspec. For example, the ARPA Internet UDP protocol cannot be specified with a socket type of SOCK_STREAM.

The request can be retried later. The maximum number of socket descriptors is set by MAXDESC(). An attempt to send data over a PPP interface was made, but the PPP connection was not up. EDEVICENOTBOUND (158) xn_bind_xxx() not called for device which is being opened.

If this error occurs, increase CFG_ARPCLEN. A connect operation was done on a non-blocking socket. Internal error Contact support. 136 Socket could not be connected. An MX record is returned but no A record—indicating the host itself exists, but is not directly reachable.